Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Daimler is a Global Player and certainly one of the most well known German corporations. Measured at the current market value the company is the 4th biggest automotive company worldwide. But behind the curtain of the company there is partly a complete different picture given. The point is a conflict of Daimler with it's detractors, which are asking inconvenient questions to the corporation.

This Website supports those who are suffering from the numerous legal conflicts of Daimler. In doing so we are concentrating us on the conflicts of which Daimler assumed tries massive to restrict the limits of freedom of opinion in their own interests. One of the most prominent cases is those of the big hitter and speaker of the Critical Shareholders of Daimler, Jürgen Grässlin. Reason of current altercation are his latest books „Das Daimler-Desaster“ and "Abgewirtschaftet", in which Jürgen Grässlin among others reports about so called grey-market business at Daimler.

One of the strategies of Daimler aims to face it's critic's with massive actions for injunctions, legal actions for compensation for pain and suffering and applications for disciplinary fee in order to boost the legal expenses and to bring their critic's to his knees. One of the most important actions is to cross this strategy. It must not be that as regards content with the company fails due to financial reasons. Thus, we would like to kindly ask you to have a look on the Facts at this website and to support our request and to fund the legal costs.

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